Academic Portfolio

Below you will find an projects created for the ILT Masters program at the University of Colorado Denver.

Storyline 360 - Introduction to Psychology Module

This is a high-school level Psychology course (1 unit) I designed for INTE 5660 – Designing Self Paced e-Learning Modules

Getting Started With Schoology - Camtasia Video Series

This is a video series created to help users get started with Schoology.

Solution Design Document - HCAF

This solution was developed for the non-profit organization Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families to address the need for counselor training. 

Infographic - Three Realities

An infographic I created to demonstrate the basic differences between Augmented, virtual and mixed reality and how they apply to learning.

Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) Plan

This is an overview of how I will utilize my PLN, this site, and other key work as I transition into my new field of study. It describes how I will become a leader in the field and how I will establish and maintain a presence online. 

Professional Portfolio

Below you will find an assortment of professional development trainings I created while employed by Jeffco Public Schools. These are technology-based resources to help teachers learn different learning management systems, educational software/websites and other tools.

Psychology Curriculum Document

When I taught Psychology there was not a formal curriculum document developed for the district. I developed the curriculum and assessments myself based on the national Psychology standards and organized them into this document. 

1:1 Device Management in the Classroom

This is a Powerpoint presentation I created as a resource for other teachers. When I started as a teacher in Jeffco I was the only teacher in my building who had taught in a 1:1 classroom (where all teachers and all students had iPads). I was tasked with training teachers on best practices for classroom management. The presentation contains a basic set of guidelines and serves as a starting off point for a teacher who is unsure where to begin.

Using PearDeck for Student Engagement

After attending a Google Educator Summit from EdTechTeam in 2017 I was asked to create a professional development/training for the educational tool, PearDeck. The slides shown were designed to illustrate to teachers of different contents how this tool could be utilized within their own classrooms. Please note: This is not a fully functional demo of the tool, only a PDF of the slides used for the training. Unfortunately a license and login are required to view the interactive slides.

Assessing Student Learning Using Schoology

Many teachers new to Jeffco are not familiar with our primary learning platform, Schoology. I created a series of self guided documents to help teachers learn how to use the built-in assessment tool on Schoology. The training was delivered as a PDF because the idea was that teachers could receive the information via e-mail and follow step by step without needing to attend a separate training. 

Utilizing Schoology to Group Learners

This training is another in my Schoology series and is designed to help teachers utilize Schoology in order to create student groupings. Teachers can choose to group students based on learning style, class, comprehension level, etc. within the Schoology framework. 

Designing Responsive Rubrics in Schoology

This is the final training within my Schoology series and the purpose was to demonstrate how to utilize the rubric system within Schoology. This tool allows teachers to set their standards and click directly on the rubric when grading online, rather than having to write on a paper rubric and do the math separately. 

Personal Portfolio

Below are a collection of my personal projects. For now, I have included my some of my recent photography galleries but stay tuned for more content.


I dabble in photography as a personal hobby. I utilize a variety of tools from my cell phone to my Nikon D5200. Most of the photography shown here is from my travels to Paris, France in 2017.